Jeremy Sperling, MD, FACEP

Campus Affiliation
Weill Cornell Medical College

Areas of Interest
Emergency Medicine Training & Education
Emergency Management Training
Clinical Service

Dr. Sperling has participated in international projects in Romania, Mexico, India and Sri Lanka. Dr. Sperling is the Assistant Director of the Emergency Medicine Residency Program at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital and is the Course Coordinator for the Annual Difficult Airway & Procedure Class using Fresh Cadavers that is run at Cornell for the Emergency Medicine Residents. His international interests center on educational development especially as it relates to Emergency Medicine residency education and airway and procedure training.

Dr. Sperling was the Co-Course Director, National Trauma Medical Course at the Sri Lankan Initiatives for Disaster Management (SLIDMA) conference in 2008 in Columbo, Sri Lanka and was a facilitator in Major Disaster Drills in Columbo and Galle, Sri Lanka. In both Sri Lanka and Mumbai, India, he lectured and facilitated small group sessions on the Airway, Trauma and Emergent Procedures. With other members of the Global Health faculty, he is currently in the process of developing an International Airway / Procedure Course: EMAir.

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