Steering Committee
Jacqueline Mahal, MD, MBA

Campus Affiliation
Weill Cornell Medical College

Areas of Interest
EMS and Prehospital-care training
Merit Badge Training
Clinical Service

Dr Jacqueline Mahal has a longstanding interest in international development and global health. Most recently, she has provided clinical care at the Harvard Humanitarian Initiatives disaster recovery center in Fond Parisien, Haiti in February 2010. She also participated on a team to assess post-earthquake, emergency care needs at the GHESKIO clinic in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Dr. Mahal is planning on lecturing at The Lebanese Society of Emergency Medicine Annual Conference planned for November 2010. She has been a gala co-chair for TrickleUp (a micro-grant organization that works in Asia, Africa and Central America) for the last three years.

Prior to completing her medical training, she has conducted research in Sao Tome, Africa on anti-parasite treatments for children and in Morocco as a Fulbright scholar investigating female-owned businesses in a Muslim society. Finally, Dr Mahal managed the Africa portfolio and provided technical support to Gender in Economic and Social Systems, an US Agency for International Development project.

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