Global Health Emergencies Course
This annual two-week CME course aimed at residents, attending physicians and other healthcare providers focuses on providing participants with the tools and knowledge necessary to effectively engage in high-impact interventions in a variety of global health emergencies. This course immerses students in the most critical global health issues today: the Global Fund Diseases - Malaria, TB, HIV; trauma; chronic diseases; pandemics; and complex humanitarian emergencies.

Over twenty five world experts in public health, policy and research introduce students to research methodology, program planning, and clinical skills for low-income setting. Overarching themes of human rights, sustainability, and ethics help frame discussions on the roles of international institutions, financing, policy and advocacy initiatives.

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Weill Cornell Medical College Global Health Curriculum:
Global EM faculty Drs Jay Lemery and Satchit Balsari serve on the Steering Committee of the WCMC Global Health Curriculum, a unique longitudinal elective four-year curriculum offered to our medical students since 2009. Through a combination of didactics, workshops, research opportunities and away electives, our medical students can complete the Curriculum aiming for honors in research or service. See for more details.


Weill Cornell Medical College Global Health Grand Rounds
The Global EM program co-sponsors the WCMC Global Health Grand Rounds, a monthly feature, open to the public, and featuring world leaders in global health that have included the best known local names in policy, public health and medicine, leaders of large international institutions, and past and current heads of state. See our Calendar for the schedule. Grand Rounds usually begin at 5pm at Uris Auditorium on 69th and York.

Open Forum
Following the Global Health Grand Rounds, the Global EM program hosts the Open Forum at 6:15pm, at the Emergency Medicine Residents' Conference Room. The Open Forum is open to all members of the WCMC / CUMC / NYP community, and is a platform for Global EM members to present ongoing projects, discuss future initiatives and exchange ideas in a collegial environment on a periodic basis.

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