Dr. Robert Bristow, Director of Emergency Management at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital has led a series of timely and successful inter-agency disaster drills in the New York, the Dominican Republic, Sri Lanka and several major cities in India.

  • MEMEx, the Mumbai Emergency Management Exercise, was concluded seventeen days before the terror strikes in Mumbai on Nov 26th, 2009. MEMEx, the largest of our drills so far, involved twelve reputed local and international institutions, twenty-three US faculty, and trained over 250 delegates. MEMEx - II was conducted in the winter of 2010.
  • SLIDMA, the Sri Lankan Initiatives in Disaster Management, conducted in Colombo and Galle amidst ongoing local warfare, also saw wide public sector participation, and system changes following the drills.
  • Academic rigor has fostered through drill design, planning, and implementation, with a focus on monitoring, and validation of existing evaluation tools.
  • Our teams, under the leadership of Dr. Chris Tedeschi, have effectively used live video recording and other multi-media aids as powerful learning tools in the hot-washes and reconnaissance exercises following the drills. Our use of multi-media assisted drill analysis has been presented at international Disaster Medicine conferences.

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